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To succeed in your work of renovation Swiss Chalet, Pro-renovation has opted for solid and quality materials in order to save money in the long term. Similarly, a refurbishment of your cottage or home is an opportunity to think about energy savings. Choosing energy-efficient equipment using recognized innovative technologies is a winning equation for both the portfolio and the environment.

Renovation of chalets

Perfect to rejuvenate your chalet. A touch of modernity always with neutral elements such as wood, stone… Pro renovation will be able to realize your desires.

Renovation of facades

For an impeccable facade, Pro rénovation highlights your property and illuminates your facade. A renovation to suit your tastes.

Renovation of metal parts

Ideal for your shutters, doors and gates. Pro renovation uses powder coated paint to give a new look to your metal parts.

Stone renovation

Entrust your stones whether it is a granite stone or marble, Pro renovation takes care of everything. Pro renovation will revive their character.


It is often dangerous to start major projects when you don’t have the tools or the budget to acquire them. The rental of professional equipment is an ideal solution to obtain results in line with your expectations. Pro-renovation offers you the equipment corresponding to your needs to renovate your walls or floors, treat your frames, restore your roofs…


We propose you to rent a crawler crawler on trailer. Its working height is up to 30 metres to make your renovation work easier.
The basket will be ideal for all outdoor or indoor work.


Pro-renovation offers you to rent a rolling scaffold tower. Its working height can be adjusted to make your renovation work easier.
The scaffolding will be ideal for all outdoor or indoor work.

Paint airless

The Airless paint is a paint applied using an electric or electronic spray gun called a paint gun. This tool is commonly used by painters on large construction sites to paint large areas

Large scale

For all your work at height Pro-renovation has a wide range of large scales?
Sliding, multi-posts, fruit ladder, roof ladder or telescopic ladder, each with its own scale.

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